Asian restaurant in Berlin Mitte.


In this Asian restaurant in Berlin Mitte that mixes different flavors of Asian cuisine. The interior is also like a collage of different styles.


A bar-box made of wooden beams, a custom scaffolding, a mirror cabinet and a cactus island. Five rooms and two confidential separates stretch over 500 square meters, each area centering on its own attraction. Mobile food preparation carts in the dining area. Custom made seating, tables and lighting. There’s even an old-school 6x6 screen installation showing visuals and motion graphics.





Concept Design

Interior Design

Furniture Design

Motion Graphics (Visuals)

Screen Installation




ett la benn


Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 9–11

10178 Berlin-Mitte

A huge lamp installation above the round table. A wall of mirror tiles clones the centerpiece and opens the space.

An isle of cactus beneath a textile cave painting with hidden dragons and fish. Optimal atmosphere and acoustics for a cozy evening.

The presentation of the patisserie masterpieces catches the lights of the city and turns them upside down.

3x3 oldschool screen installation shows visuals of abstract structures, old filmstock and karate fights.

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