La Lucha

Interior design and branding of a modern Mexican restaurant in Berlin.


Inspired by regional and traditional Mexican cuisine, La Lucha takes a modern approach to the authentic flavors of Mexico.


Acapulco Pink on minimalistic shapes, abstracted Aztec patterns and Mexican food-market inspired typography, loud and cozy.





Design Concept

Interior Design


Branding / Logo


Web Design



ett la benn


Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39–41

10999 Berlin, Germany

The Bar


White tiles and acapulco pink wood planks. In the back is cage style presentation of the huge tequila and mezcal collection that is available here.


Every guest passes the bar on the way to the guest room.


Behind the bottles there's a stairway going down to the toilets.

The toilets


this is one of the simplest and best toilet interior designs that I made.


With basically no budget we just painted the walls, put a hand dryer, plants and mirrors in the rooms.

Those are the icons that I designed for the menu place-mat and website.

Place-mat design.